Why Sleena

Sleena Tech

Technical Specs

The Sleena system makes high quality and highly efficient buildings

That assure the highest standards on fire safety, hygrothermal and acoustic behavior.

The growth of the construction market has been accompanied by an increase in the average Vacancy Rates (+0.21 pp between 2009 and 2015). Moreover, two out of five construction companies claim to struggle in recruiting workers with the necessary skills for existing openings.

Resource the latest technology and high efficiency of the manufacturing industry to the design and production of buildings in order to meet the sector’s greatest needs.

Sleena produces innovative, aesthetic and timeless buildings.

• Wall thermal transmittance [U] –0.16 [W/(m2.°C)]
• Wall thermal resistance [R] – 5.72[(m2.°C) /W]
• Façade airborne sound insulation index [D2m,nT,w’] – 37 dB
• Sound insulation between accommodation rooms and equipment [Lar, nt’] – 36 dB
• Façade fire resistance class – REI30
• External finishes fire resistance class – A1
• Prefinished interior coating fire resistance class – A2-s1 d0.
• Estimated air tightness – 0.5 ACH50 (depending on non-Sleena components)
• Lower probability of construction errors andbuilding pathology occurrence.

Sleena Tech